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Statutes and Rules that Require Mandatory Disclosure of Medical Records Violate HIPPA

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Arizona requires mandatory disclosure of medical records in medical malpractice cases and, amazingly, is currently considering a change to mandatory arbitration procedures to require the same thing. As we have often explained, these provisions violate HIPPA, the comprehensive federal scheme that provides essential privacy rights for medical records.

The voice of reason is finally kicking in: the Georgia Supreme Court recently struck down their statute requiring mandatory disclosure of medical records in medical malpractice cases citing HIPPA preemption. The decision basically holds that the Georgia statute’s failure to include provisions required by HIPPA, such as “the HIPAA requirement of notice of the right to revoke” or “the failure to require a specific and meaningful identification of the information to be disclosed and the failure to provide for an expiration date or a sufficient expiration event,” makes the Georgia invalid in light of the preemptive effect of HIPPA.