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Rescue Crews Send Mike Down to Check on Miners

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Rescue efforts involving over a hundred of people in Huntington, Utah have lasted several torturous days as workers struggled to find trapped colleagues. Six miners were trapped 1,500 feet beneath collapsed rubble in a coal mine, the unfortunate result of a disastrous mining accident that occurred early Monday, August 6. The fate of the men has not yet been established.

Early rescue efforts were thwarted by seismic reverberations throughout the collapsed mine, making the continuance of rescue operations a hazard for those involved. Rescue operations then resumed as big drilling and dig equipment was brought in.

Rescue authorities determined to drill holes down to the cavity where the trapped miners were thought to be located. A 2 ½ inch wide hole was drilled for a microphone and video camera to send to the miners; a much larger hole for food and water was being drilled as well, with corresponding slower progress.

Rescue workers, upon lowering the mike into the underground cavern, were unable to distinguish any stirring in the underground cavern where the men are thought to have been buried.

Workers are still hopeful that the miners have survived the accident, and rescue crews still have another few agonizing days of digging before reaching the underground cavern.