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The Case of the Judge Who Lost His Pants, and Then Lost His Mind

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Rarely do I find it necessary to write about cases that should never be filed, after all, there are enough people who love to blog about the absurdities of the law. That being said, the case of the Hon. Roy Person, Jr. versus Custom Cleaners is the single-worst example of abusive litigation that I recall having ever seen or heard of.

It is safe to say, the Hon. Roy Pearson, Jr. demands satisfaction and for His’onna’s lost grey pants, he calculates that he is entitled to over $65 million. I can’t make this stuff up. Believe it or not, the dispute is over a single pair of wool pants and $10.50 in alterations. Even more stunning, or sad, is that the defendants offered as much as $12,000 to settle the case, and they believe they now have found his pants.

Read the story, watch the video, check out some comments about the case.

It’s hard to know if this guy for real. Is he a shill for the tort reform movement? Either way, they certainly could not ask for a better example of abuse.